A Rough Guide to using Sugar Icing and how much you Might Need

Regalice by Renshaw is a sugar paste which is ready to roll out to cover your cake.  Knead the Regalice well before rolling out as this will help give a nice smooth finish to your cake.
Sugarpaste makes icing a cake so simple!  Paler colours can be made by mixing  white Regalice with one of the wide choice of colours available.

- Knead your Sugarpaste, warming it through with your hands as this will stop small cracks developing when covering your cake.

- If the Sugarpaste is particularly cold then you can pop it in the microwave for a few seconds, but be careful as it can get very hot!

- Turn your icing when you roll it out, you don't want it sticking to the table (use a little corn flour to prevent it from sticking to your surface and rolling pin)

Here is a rough Guide to the amounts of ready made Icing you will need - this amount should give you a think layer which will help with a professional finish

How much Ready Made Icing will I need?

Diameter of your Cake Amount needed
6" 500g
7" 750g
8" 900g
9" 1kg
10" 1.25kg
11" 1.5kg
12" 1.85kg
13" 2.25kg
14" 2.75kg

Size of your Cake Amount needed
6" 500g
7" 750g
8" 1kg
9" 1.25kg
10" 1.5kg
11" 1.75kg
12" 2kg